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Can you figure out this week’s theme? #art #Artcontest #fanart #instaart #herdrawings #drawings #sketch #digitalart

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Thank you everyone who voted!

Results will be posted on pugbites and my fb pages!!! 

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Here is my submission for the contest Pugbites and I are having! The theme was Tokyo Mew Mew so I tried my best to put as many characters that i could (I honestly think Pug’s is really good compared to mine XDDDD ♥) Anyway you can vote here!:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JXHH8QD

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VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Who will win this week? will it be Pugs? or Herdrawings? We can’t know unless you Vote! YOU CAN VOTE HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JXHH8QD

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It’s hard to draw and hold a camera but I tried #digitalart #art #instaart #herdrawings #drawings #sketch

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Now I’m getting to the gritty details #tokyomewmew #anime #fanart #herdrawings #drawings #instaart #art #sketch #digitalart

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So our theme is Tokyo Mew Mew this week because it’s one of mine and Pugs first magical girls, this is just a super rough idea for my print #herdrawings #instaart #digitalart #sketch #drawings #tokyomewmew

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This week it’s… TOKYO MEW MEW

Here is a calender so you understand how things will work! We will be working on our artwork from Mon-Fri. Saturday we will post both of our art pieces and then you guys can vote! We will have a link where you can vote on our pages. VOTING ENDS @ MIDNIGHT every Sunday! Each week we’ll have a different theme! i’ll be posting the rules later on on Monday, for gonna go watch Walking Dead. May the best man win!

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Getting better at drawing steven #stevenuniverse #cartoonnnetwork #fanart #Inktober #art #herdrawings #drawings #sketch

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So in order for Pugbites and I to be more productive in our artwork (mainly our digital art) so we decided we’re going to have the ultimate art contest and here’s how you can help!
Each Week Pug and I will have a theme to draw (We will go back and forth on picking different themes) starting on Monday, and by Friday we have to have a final product. Saturday and Sunday though are where you guys come in
We will post our two designs up on Friday, and Saturday and Sunday you guys can vote which one you prefer! The one with the most votes will become an official print on our page!
WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? : Both Pugs and I have had a very difficult time getting back into digital art and we’ve wanted to do prints for a LONG time. This is our fun solution that not only gets us to practice constantly, but gets our lovely followers involved! Now Pugs and I have set our own rules, which will be on a separate post on each of our pages, but for now let us know what you think!

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